As we continue the National Small Business Week, we are sharing with you entries from business owners and what they deem important in 2013.
The following list is written by Mark Hemmeter, CEO of Office Evolution

1)  Professional Impression – It’s hard to compete when your office is a Starbucks.

2)  Passion – If you don’t love what you do you probably won’t be good at it.

3)  Confidence – You have to believe.

4)  Networking – Meet other people both inside and outside of your industry. You are not alone.

5)  Mentors – Being a small business owner can be lonely. They need mentors to provide feedback and guidance.

6)  Education – There are a lot of things to know and so many choices to choose from. You have to be educated but educated efficiently.

7)  Leads – Without leads and new business you are probably toast.

8)  Capital – Most small businesses are undercapitalized.

9)  Differentiation – What do you offer that is different from other options and why is that better for your clients?

10)  A Strategic Plan – Michael Porter is a great place to start

Thank you Mark for your contribution and we wish you all the best in 2013!

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