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CLEVER RX is a game changer. For years, American families have been deprived access to reasonably priced prescription medication due to high deductibles, high co-pays, and the high cost of insurance.  Finally, Clever RX is here. By using your Clever RX card/app, you will save up to 80% on your prescription medication and frequently save more than your current co-pay. Simply put, use Clever RX and start to save money. Follow the instructions below to save!                                                     

Step 1: Click here from your phone to download the Clever Rx app or go to your app store and download the “Clever Rx” App. Make sure you enter 1097 for Group ID and 1001 for Member ID. This will unlock exclusive savings for you and your family. (You app should automatically download with this programmed on it)

Step 2: Search for your medication.  Clever Rx searches your medication, zip code and multiple pharmacies to find you the lowest price!  Savings can be up to 80% compared to what you’re currently paying.

Step 3: Click the voucher with the best price at your favorite pharmacy and either show that screen to the pharmacist when you pick up your medication or click share and text yourself the voucher code for easy access when you’re ready to pick up your medication at the pharmacy.

Step 4: Click “Share” on the bottom of the Clever Rx app to your friends, family or anyone that can benefit from saving money on their prescription drugs.

That’s it! Use this card every time you get a prescription.

Now that is not only clever, it is Clever RX.